Thursday, May 10, 2007

Some Days 

Lord, there are days when you seem so close,
Then there are days like today
When I feel alone and small,
and you seem dear, but so far away,
And I am clinging to your cross by my fingertips.

O how this world blows hard today,
Its dark heart like a storm at night,
Pushing me with its winds and rain,
trying to push me out of sight
Of the glory here at the foot of your cross.

And yet I know that as it tugs and pulls,
and tries to yank me loose with all of its might
It is I who must let go from your strong hand
It is I who must choose to go into that night,
For you hold me with an unbreakable tie.

You are my light, Lord, you are my home --
Where else can I go but to your cross
Even when the world buffets my heart and mind,
It offers no hope, but pain and loss.
Even when I do not see you clearly, here I make my stand.

Susan E. Stone, 2007


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