Saturday, December 09, 2006

Teach Us How to Walk 

O Lord,
Teach us how to walk
in a world that shows so clearly
the heart of darkness that beats
without your light to shatter the midnight,
without your touch to soften the anger,
without your voice to soothe the hatred,
without your love to heal the hurts.

Each day we can look around us
and hear the growing cacophony,
the anger of Cain slaying his brother,
the selfish determination of Eve to have her own way,
Lust that trips even good men like David,
Weeping and wailing that pierces the night,
Despair and grief piling high upon anger.

In this hard world
that seems to be growing harder,
Help us realize how important it is
to be the salt that preserves
by the spreading of your truth with our lives,
to be the light that shows
how God is love,
and not the tool for our hate,
how to be the leaven
that lets heaven's light and air
permeate through the hardness of a sin-sick world,
and let us touch those you bring our way
with the hope that can only come from you
through our actions,
our choices,
our words,
this day and always,

Susan E. Stone, 2006

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