Thursday, June 10, 2004

Meditation on the Eucharistic Jesus

I see you Lord
In your servant's hands
lifted up high at the elevation.
There you are,
Lord of the universe
in guise of bread,
flour and water,
staff of life,
food of the poor.

O Source of life,
God with us.
An amazement,
that in your love,
you came for us,
you died for us,
and now
you feed us
with your own precious self,
like a pulsing of blood
from your own Sacred Heart
through we who are your body on earth.

waiting to receive you,
we stand
like empty lanterns
waiting for the flame
that will bring light
to those around us.

If we could see with heaven's eyes,
the light burning in your priest's hands
would dazzle us
with the cascading flame
come to heal and fill us all.

May we who receive you
glow with your light,
ready to share your peace,
your joy,
your love with the waiting world.

Susan E. Stone, 2004

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

God in the Everyday

O Lord,
sometimes as we take you for granted,
going blythly through our day
breath in our ear
some word of rememberance
that lets us see you
standing there,
longing for us to notice.

O Lord,
you are the God of the little things
as well as the big.

As I stand there cutting up onions,
making dinner,
you are there,
remind me to offer you the pain from my tired feet.

O Lord,
as I fold the sheets,
you are there,
Help me to stay with it,
even though I would rather be elsewhere,
Whisper to me and remind me
that the good that I do for others
is good done to you.

O Lord,
thank you for being there
when my kids make me want to scream
and run away.
Just when I am ready to throw in the towel,
there you are, teaching me about love,
and its cost,
and its worth.

Looking up at the mountains
at sunset,
I see the majesty of your work,
my heart swells at the glory of your power.
Looking at my husband,
I reach out and touch his hand,
hearing you say that
in loving,
and caring,
and suffering,
and sharing,
you are there, totally entwined,
the Lord of everyday life
and my heart swells with gratitude.

Susan E. Stone, 2004

Meditation on Mark 5:25-34
The healing of the woman who touched Jesus' hem

Your eyes met hers.
Her eyes
amazed at her own audacity,
amazed at the results.
Your eyes met hers,
and the whole world shrank to that moment,
the crowds, the worried father vanished,
as you smiled,
smiled at her audacity,
joy at the healing
of body and soul.

Lord, give me the audacity
like she had,
to reach out past
barriers of custom,
barriers of convenience,
to seek your healing touch
even when others think it not proper,
even when it seems like there would be no time for me,
because I know
you make time for us all.

Susan E. Stone, 2004

Sunday, June 06, 2004


In a place
that is no place
in the universe,
outside of time,
before time began,
there was love
and wisdom
and power.

And in that place
that is no place
in the universe,
outside of time,
creation was conceived
like a seed,
a womb,
without form and void
suddenly exploding into the count of time and space,
and a place
that is a place
in the universe
burst into light,
was there to be gazed upon,
by that love,
that power,
that wisdom.

And the creator
looked with satisfaction,
knowing that it was good.

Susan E. Stone, 2004

Love, beloved, loving,
all wrapped together in
an unfathomable unity
so far beyond us,
reaching out
to call us
one by one
a mystery.
Thank you
for loving us
beyond our deserving.

Holy Trinity,
One God,
forever and ever,

Susan E. Stone, 2004

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