Thursday, May 26, 2005

You hold us all in the palm of your hand,
through the good times,
when we sometimes forget you're even there,
in our joy, and in our excitement,
and build the illusion
that we are self-sufficient.
You are there
through the bad times,
when we cry out for you,
like a child for its mother,
through the darkness and our fear,
and the sudden knowledge
that we are not the center of our universe,
not the captains of our fate,
not the ones in control.

Help us always to feel your loving touch,
to be aware how you share our sorrows,
celebrate our joys,
weep with us in our fear and dismay.

Let us learn to discern you,
that soft quiet witness,
in joy,
in sorrow,
in grief
and in celebration.

Fill our hearts with the grateful realization
that you care for us enough
to be there,
to share with us,
to participate in our lives,
so much so,
you walked the dusty roads,
laughed with us
wept with us
ate with us
suffered for us
died for us
so that you could bring us home to be with you.

Let us grow in the humility
that can say,
Thank you Lord,
this day, and always.


Susan E. Stone, 2005


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