Friday, July 02, 2004


O Lord, thank you
for all the many times
you have sent us
like a light in the darkness
when all else seemed so heavy.

In these days,
when so much seems uncertain,
and the values you taught us
so openly under attack,
and the darkness of the world
amazingly oppressive,
and so many people in such need,
and when the slaughter of the innocents,
or merely in the wrong place
caught in the crossfire,
held hostage to other's sin,
is overwhelming,
whisper to us
your message of hope
that thunders through the darkness
with the promise of dawn,
with the touch of God's hand,
with the truth that will not stay

O Lord,
in that hope
teach us to trust in you,
this day
and always,

Susan E. Stone, 2004

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Prayer for Older Children

Dear Lord,
This day I pray
for our children
learning the hard lessons
of what it means to be human,
how to choose the good from the bad,
how to grow in ways
that lead to light,
and love,
and you,
I pray for those
who refuse to choose the light
in spite of what we long for,
in spite of what we strive for.
Give us the patience
to listen at the right time,
to speak the right word,
to be the right example,
and above all,
no matter how dark the moment seems,
not to give up hope.
Teach us to put our fears
for our children's welfare
firmly in your hands,
trusting you
above all else.
Help us Lord
to see our children with your eyes,
to pray for wisdom,
to pray for patience,
and above all, to love.
Guide them, we ask you,
and even though at this moment
they break our hearts,
or seem so hardheaded,
or just confused,
let us realize always
that you love them,
and that you will never give up on them.
Let us remember always
that you are at their side,
waiting for them to notice,
to help them grow,
this day and always,

Susan E. Stone, 2oo4

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

O Creator!
O God who willed into being
the wonders of a universe
so strange,
so beautiful,
spectacular to our eyes
here on this small planet,
O Creator!
who loved us enough
to descend past the magnificance
of all the starry heavens,
to come to this small planet
revolving around a small sun,
to take human form.
How amazing
that you would empty yourself
to walk our paths,
share in our joys,
feel our pains,
bear our sorrows.
You, creator of splendor,
you the carpenter,
you our salvation.
Thank you, Lord,
for loving us,
the works of your hands,
and showing us the way
home to you.

Susan E. Stone, 2004

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

My Sweet Jesus,
gentle and humble of heart,
You lovingly see beyond the surface
of how we dress,
how wealthy we are,
how well thought of by our friends,
and see us as we truly are,
an imperfect child of God,
yet something that you cherish
and long to make whole.

Teach me, Lord,
to have a heart like yours,
centered on Heaven,
Let me be an able vessel of your mercy,
a lantern for your light,
an instrument of your peace.

In my love of you, Lord,
keep me safe from self-righteousness,
looking down at others
who may not feel as I do,
worship as I do,
pray as I do.
Yet let me always remember
that they are your children too,
and every bit as worth as I,
if not more,
of your love and concern
and treat them accordingly.

In my love of you, Lord,
help me to keep from causing anger,
or hurt
in my desire to honor you
by saying words harshly,
or by making a bad example,
or arguing a point
past the point of reason.
Be thou my center,
let all my actions reflect your loving ways
and not my needs to be right,
or smarter,
or more witty
than my fellow man.

Lord, teach me to be gentle,
to avoid anger,
to love with a free and open heart
for your glory,
to do your work,
this day and always, Amen.

Susan E. Stone, 2004

Monday, June 28, 2004

into your hands
we commend the spirits
of those captured
to be victims
of hatred,
even when it pretends to be
for a just cause,
for torture,
for death,
as hostages,
as fatalities in sudden swift explosions,
as lives shattered through the acts of others.
Let those who survive
learn that revenge is a useless commodity,
and only you are the way
that heals the pain.

into your hands
we commend the spirits
of those who would capture
victims for their hatred,
even if they believe it is for a just cause,
even if they do it thinking they glory you,
we pray for them
even as they cause pain,
take lives,
shatter in pain the lives of others,
for they too are your children,
twisted and hurt in their determination.
Lord, show them the ways
to help without hurting,
to build without destroying,
to aid without death.

into your hands
we commend the spirits
of those who would twist others
to hate as they hate,
burn as they burn,
who would tell others
to shatter the night
in a cause they feel is just,
or for power,
or for revenge.
Show them the ways of truth,
the way to build,
the way to your favor.

Into your hands
we commend the spirits
of those who cause others
to feel the anger
of injustice that leads to bitter hate,
to feel the frustration
at the growth of what is evil,
who find all good ways blocked,
and lacking patience,
turn to violence.
Help those who create the situation
realize the darkness of the chain they forge.

so many times,
when tragedy strikes
that we forget
there are more victims
that the directly injured.
Help us to be healers,
following your word,
to all victims, direct and indirect,
this day and always,

Susan E. Stone, 2oo4

Dear Lord,
This day I ask
the patience to do the work
put in front of me,
even when I would rather be elsewhere.

Dear Lord,
This day I ask
for the skill to deal kindly with those
you send my way,
to see with your eyes
their value, worth, and needs.

Dear Lord,
This day I ask
for hands to do your work,
a heart to love you,
and a spirit of gratitude
for your presence in my life,
this day and always,

Susan E. Stone, 2004

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