Monday, August 21, 2006

God With Us 

A vision spoken long ago by prophets who did not live to see
The fruition of their message was fulfilled in love unbounded,
A gift of hope to lost Mankind to ease their hearts and set them free
As Creator entered creation and the angels' song resounded.

God-with-us, the prophets announced, would come
God-with-us, who would walk the very paths we take,
Who would feel our pains, aching, sharp and numb,
Who would know our griefs, the struggles that we make.

And look, their voices called out, an amazing thing to see:
The Master comes, born not as king, but lowly and ignored,
To reach the least among his flock, arms open lovingly,
One with the shepherdless people most dependent on their Lord.

And in this vision the prophets were shown the price he chose to pay
To lead his children from the dark to to the morning that will come
A price bought hard in sweat and blood, a gift often thrown away,
Yet freely made by loving heart to lead his lost ones home.

The vision is not ended, no, it burns within the breast
Of each soul answering the call to sit there at his feet,
The vision is our hope, our joy, our shelter and our rest,
The road to everlasting peace at our Lord's mercy seat.

Susan E. Stone, 2006

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