Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Out of the Depths 

Out of the depths,
the darkness of sin,
the darkness of being separated,
the darkness of doubt,
of chosing self over God,
the depths of hubris,
I have cried to thee,
O Lord,
the last anchor I know of,
the first truth that I learned of,
the light I long for,
the truth I hunger for
he who I have slighted,
he who knows my every move,
he who knows,

Lord, hear my voice,
you who hear all,
you who weep in the garden
for the weight of all our sin,
you, who offer your wrists up to the nails,
your back to the scourge,
your face to the mocking,
you hear me,
crying in the darkness,
when I think it is only me,
and it is always two,
you and I.

In the bitterness of my tears,
you awaken my heart,
change me!

In the sorrow of my shortcomings
when you show me my reality,
heal me!

In the darkness of my grieving,
when you let me know that I am but dust,
and you are reality,
hold me,
mold me,
and let me be
as you would have me to be,
by your love
a love big enough
to transform the whole world,
tear by tear.


Susan E. Stone, 2005

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Sunday, February 06, 2005

like a city on a hill,
shining in the darkness,
like a lantern
chasing away the shadows,
that shows the way to peace,
that shows the truth
that heals the broken
light from God.
help us be thy light,
show us
how to be laterns filled
with your truth,
with your peace
with your light,
this day,
and always,

Susan E. Stone, 2005

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