Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Space Enough 

Space enough in your hands, O Lord,
to hold all the broken hearted humans on this sad world,
the lover left to grieve,
the parent deserted and alone,
the victim of tragedy,
the forgotten.-
So many are they, with all their griefs, sorrows, wounds and wearinesses
yet always room for another,
no matter how many come crying.

Space enough in your glance, O Lord,
to share in the pain of all those in sickbed,
to see those hopelessly manning the deathwatch,
to see those in joy receive their healed child,
to ease the passing of a soul eager to come home,
O Lord our healer, always so many in need of your sight,
yet always space to look at one more

Space enough in your arms, O Lord,
to hug all the children the world has ever known,
all the unborn who will be discarded each day,
all those ruined by neglect, sometimes in the midst of plenty,
all those broken and beaten,
overworked, unloved,
crying in the middle of the night,
there in your arms.

Space enough in your heart, O Lord,
for every person who has walked this sad world,
every man, woman, child -
Lord, you know us all by name
even if we try to pretend you away.
How patiently you call,
the shepherd always at watch for his lost ones,
how joyfully you celebrate
each one found, brought into the fold.
How patiently you guide,
working to bring us home,
polishing , pruning, cleaning, purifying,
until that bright moment you call us home
to that place
of many mansions,
limitless space for all who respond.

Susan E. Stone, 2006

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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Saving Victim 

(a meditation on the Salutaris Hostia)

Saving victim,
victim by choice,
victim of will,
hanging there,
adorned in the red blossoms of your own blood,
that opens wide the gates of heaven,
the gates of mercy,
salvation's way,
calling to we poor humans
calling us to the banquet
calling us to the wedding feast
even as our enemies gather forces,
in spite of the war the darkness wages.

Your own heart lights up the way,
your own feet have tread out the path,
your own love made clear the way.

O King,
O Lord,
O Bridegroom!
May we joyfully walk each step of the way
that you have shown us,
this day and always,

Susan E. Stone, 2006

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