Saturday, August 23, 2003

Prayer for Spiritual Honesty

Dear Lord,

Today, I ask that I do not rationalize away
the things I should not do, but do,
the things I should do, but don't.

Let me see
by your holy light
the truth of my decisions,
how they are of you
or are of me.

And may I,
by the truth you give me,
repent of the ill,
and choose only
to do what you would will.


Susan E. Stone, 2003


Monday, August 18, 2003

Learning to Be Leaven

Teach me Lord
not to shrink in disgust
when you come to me
dressed in the distressing guise
of someone I have not yet learned to love,
a smart-mouthed teen,
an unwashed person of the street,
a neighbor who plays loud music at night,
a crying child,
a manipulative co-worker,
a rude driver,
a harried sales clerk
a rude waiter,
or whoever.

When the hurtful word rises to my lips,
or I feel the desire to avert my eyes and walk away,
or the need to strike back,
instead, o Lord,
Let me be a channel of your peace,
and say the calming word,
and act in love,
and soothe the sore
even if it isn't pleasant,
and in knowledge that the little daily things
done with love
are in some ways the most important things of all
in spreading your truth.

I want to do these things for you,
as if I were doing them to you,
by your power.
Thus, with your help,
I might become the
you have said I should be.


Susan E. Stone


On the Assumption

Oh Blessed Mother,
when I think of your falling asleep
being reunited forever with your Son
assumed into Heaven
where you could become mother of us all,
I long to say,
Thank you, Mother,
for caring for us all,
for covering us with your mantle,
for looking after us when we stray,
for leading us home to your son.

Thank you Mother,
for all the sorrows, toil and care
you were willing to give
during your earthly life,
and thank you for trying so hard to reach
a hardheaded mankind
that too often chooses to go its own way.

Thank you Mother,
for helping to teach us how to be salt, light, and
leaven in this dark and sad world,
may we always be open to further your intentions,
and those of the sacred heart of your divine Son.


Susan E. Stone 2003


May We Remember

May we remember forever
the depth of your sacrifice,
the heart's blood you gave,
the pain you chose to bear.
all for love.

when we see you
in the guise of bread and wine,
so vunerable,
you who are king,
let us always feel amazed
at what you are willing to do,
all for love

Susan E. Stone

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