Sunday, October 09, 2005

In our hour of weakness, Lord,
soften our hearts,
pierce through our anger
and tears
and self-righteousness
and guilt
and fear,
that we may lift our eyes
to that hill
where comes our help,
to that place,
where weakened and bleeding
and walking through your own shadow of the valley of death,
you bought life for all of us
who will answer your call.

be this day with those of us who are facing
the death of all we have loved,
as we paw through the rubble of our lives
with bleeding hands,
searching in grief and sadness.
Open the doors we need,
and in our unconsolable moment,
hold us tight
in the palm of your hand.

And may those of us this day
blessed not to be suffering under the burden of crisis,
hear your call
to be your hands, and feet, and voice
and respond as you would have us do.



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