Saturday, July 26, 2003

Thank you, Mother

Blessed Mother,
how hard you work,
calling as many of us home
who will listen to your voice.

"Come, children, I love you,"
you whisper softly.
"Come, children, come meet my Son
who loves you even more."

Thank you Mother,
for not giving up on us,
for leading us
to the blessed fruit of your womb,

Susan E. Stone


Friday, July 25, 2003

In the Darkness of These Days

O my Jesus,
in the darkness of these days,
bring to our minds
the example of your martyrs who have gone before,
such as St. Maximilan Kolbe,
who show us by their example
how to choose what is right
and how to radiate your light
no matter the wickedness of the world around them.

O my Jesus,
in the darkness of these days,
may we who love you
learn from the example of your loving saints,
such as Blessed Teresa of Calcutta
how to show the truth of your light
by loving action
no matter the darkness they find surrounding them.

O my Jesus,
in the darkness of these days,
when hope seems thinner,
may we hear the message of your love for us,
from the gospels, from your witnesses such as St.
and know that no matter how dark the night seems to be
that we can trust in you, O Lord, and the light of your
now and forever.


Susan E. Stone © 2003

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Bread of Life

O Bread of Life,
whose very word can still
the storm raging in my soul,
who holds my life in the palm of his hand,
who washes me free from my sins,
who gives me his love without reserve,
who died in pain, the miserable death of a slave for love of me
who arose in marvelous glory, the firstfruits of his victory over death,
who forgives me,
who calls me home,
who feeds me with his own self that I might be made part of him forever

I fall down at your feet,
in gratitude and wonder and love.

Thank you Lord.

Susan E. Stone © 2003


Thursday, July 24, 2003

Jesus the Light

In Him was life, and the life was the light of all people. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it. John 1, 4-5 NRSV

Lord, you are indeed
the fount of all holiness,
a fountain of light
tried by the hand of darkness
and found unconquerable.

The midnight could not quench the light
even when locked into the earth,
but with the indescribable fire of love,
you burst forth,
to set your light as a beacon to all men.

O unrepressible Light,
O annealing power of God
that heals our imperfections,
make me a mirror,
grinding away all my imperfections
until I reflect your light to all those around me.

Susan E. Stone © 2003

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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Meditation on Gethsemane Part 1

How slow the moments must have seemed,
there in the garden,
among the olive trees that moonlit night,
as the trees uplifted their branches
in the dappled light and shadow
like arms uplifted in prayer.

Only they managed to stay and watch with you.

The garden grew quiet as your followers fell asleep
one by one,
unable to keep vigil,
even though you asked,
you wanted,
you needed.
Their gentle snoring was almost the only sound.
Did you see Peter
struggling to keep his eyes open,
John nudging him to stay awake,
only to succumb himself?

Was this, then, how it was to begin,
the isolation of the sacrificial victim,
The Father requiring you to give up everything that comforted
as you gazed into the gathering darkness,
even your companions in this long journey,
the witnesses to a loving God's concern.

No crutches or helpers then,
just you and the night.

How quiet it all was.
Did you begin to strain your ears
listening for sounds
of the gathering mob?

Susan E. Stone © 2003


Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Prayer to Our Sorrowful Mother

Immaculate Mary,
O Lady of Sorrows,
Given to us by Jesus while he suffered on the cross,
The last thing he had left to give before he gave up
his life,
Pray for us.

In our dark days,
may we remember your dark days,
and come to learn how much you care,
how much you were willing to give for Jesus,

May we learn always from your loving example.

Pray for us, O holy Mother of God,
That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.


Meditation on the Love of Christ

He is the image of the invisible God.
(Colossian 1:15 )

O my Jesus,
seeing you
in all your joys and trials,
successes, and struggles,
it is comforting and amazing to know
that we see the love of our God in action.

You are no stranger who looks down on us
from heights we can never climb.

You know how it feels to be hungry
you know the taste of dust in your mouth
on a hot summer's day
and the need for that plain cup of water.

You understand how it feels to be tired,
or frightened,
or sad,
to be misunderstood
not only by strangers,
but by friends and family,
and those you care for most.

You are the god who understands why we tell jokes,
and can tell his own,
who knows the effects of a cup of wine,
and how to dance at a wedding.

You understand our tears,
the evil in men's hearts, even when they mean good,
and the good hidden in the hearts of evil men,
waiting to be brought to life.

And knowing all these things,
you still chose to die
that we might truly live.

Thinking of this,
I can only fall on my knees and say,
Praise the Lord and
Thank you!

Susan E. Stone © 2003

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