Wednesday, April 06, 2005


In the darkness
I grope,
stumbling across the rocks and shards
that cannot give me meaning,
broken long ago
by a single act,
an irrevocable choice.

And yet
you chose to puncture that darkness
with the depths of your love,
shining like a beacon.
carried in the hearts and souls
of those who love you.

Make me a lantern, too,
let me be one who carries that light
until all my dross is burned away,
and all that remains
has been fully transformed.

Susan E. Stone, 2005

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Saying goodbye is hard -
knowing that your smile will never again grace this earth,
or the air vibrate with the lovely cadence of your voice,
or know the tread of your footsteps,
sure in their path.
Yet the world has been richer
for the love you shared,
and I am glad
that God graced me with life
at a time that I could witness it.
Thank you for your many words,
the path you set out for us
who follow in your wake,
who see the truth
of how Christ can transform,
John Paul,
our loving papa,
we pray for you with grateful hearts,
remember us in Heaven.


Susan Stone, 2005

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