Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Prayer to Our Lady, Mother of Mercy

O Blessed Mother,
Mother of mercy,
We turn to you
Our mother, our hope
when times overwhelm us,
and you are there
to share our grief,
comfort us in our mourning
and guide us to the safety of your Son.

O Blessed Mother
remember today those
who stare out at an uncertain future,
those who have lost their homes,
their loved ones,
their friends,
their work.

Pray for those who work
to help in the wake of disaster,
who fight the fires,
shelter the homeless,
rescue the shaken and injured,
care for the dying
and stand watch against the darkness.

Pray for us who look on and see.
May we not look on with unseeing eye,
but with the eye that causes us
to do your Son's will,
to act mercifully,
to care,
to pray,
to do.

O Queen of Heaven,
You truly understand our suffering,
You always and ever care for each of us, your children.
Teach us to be the hands and feet
that you may work through,
that you may pour your Son's graces through,
to bring salt and light
to this sorrowful world.

Holy Mary, Mother of God,
Pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.

O Mother of the Word Incarnate,
I know that you do not despise our petitions,
but in your mercy,
You hear and answer us.
Thank you.


Susan E. Stone, 2003


Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Sacred Heart of Jesus,
Thank you for all the pain
you have suffered for love of us,
unworthy as we are to listen to your soft voice.

Sacred Heart of Jesus,
Thank you for being willing to come to us,
day by day,
in the mystery of the mass
waiting for us to love you in return.

Sacred Heart of Jesus,
wounded by the indifference and scorn and ingratitude
of the world you poured your heart's blood for,
forgive me for all those times
I forgot the true giver,
I looked with unseeing eyes,
I turned a deaf ear,
I chose not to love.

Sacred Heart of Jesus,
You who are worthy of all my love
I give you my heart,
my hands,
my life,
no matter the cost.

Jesus, gentle and humble of heart,
make my heart like yours.

Susan E. Stone, 2003


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