Sunday, January 16, 2005

Collection of Meditations on Jesus in the Eucharist 

I thought this collection of meditations I wrote about Jesus in the Eucharist might be appropriate now that the Plenary indulgence for Eucharistic meditation was announced. I don't normally re-run meditations, and I have sent all these out before, but I thought you might like them:

On Jesus in the Eucharist

O Bread of life,
You who offer yourself
to feed this sad, sin-sick world,
who joins us anew,
day after day
the living God
who comes to us in so fragile a form
that even a child may partake,
waiting patiently for those who love him,
waiting patiently to cure our sin-sick souls
with the light of heaven,
O blessed Lord,
I come to you,
unworthy but summoned,
undeserving, but loved.
I long to say,
Feed me, cure me, heal me,
I who have failed you time and again,
Yet when I see you there,
broken, poured out,
waiting for me,
all I can do is fall on my knees
in grief at my imperfection,
in awe of the depths of your love,
and only say
I adore thee,
I love thee,
help me to love thee more.

To Jesus in the Eucharist

Each time you come to us,
O Lord,
Body and blood,
Soul and Divinity,
in that simple guise of bread,
it is like a heartbeat of love,
coursing through our soul,
healing our wounds.
O Bread of Heaven,
Adoro te devote, latens Deitas!

Meditation on Jesus in the Eucharist

Oh my Lord,
I see you there, o Jesus,
in the form of bread,
so fragile,
so vunerable,
You, at whose name every knee will bow,
You, who sit at the right hand of the Father,
and yet are willing to come here,
feed us,
share with us,
wait with us.
You let yourself be broken
every day
for love of us.
Lord God,
Lamb of God
You take away the sins of the world,
yet to save our souls,
you feed us
with yourself.
O my hidden Jesus,
such a limitless love!
I weep with joy and sorrow,
I cringe with shame
but arise with wonder
that someone
would care so much,
would do so much
for someone
nowhere near worthy!

May We Remember

May we remember forever
the depth of your sacrifice,
the heart's blood you gave,
the pain you chose to bear.
all for love.

when we see you
in the guise of bread and wine,
so vunerable,
you who are king,
let us always feel amazed
at what you are willing to do,
all for love

Bread of Life

O Bread of Life,
whose very word can still
the storm raging in my soul,
who holds my life in the palm of his hand,
who washes me free from my sins,
who gives me his love without reserve,
who died in pain, the miserable death of a slave for love of me
who arose in marvelous glory, the firstfruits of his victory over death,
who forgives me,
who calls me home,
who feeds me with his own self that I might be made part of him forever

I fall down at your feet,
in gratitude and wonder and love.

Thank you Lord.

On the Eucharistic Lord at the Elevation

Lord, in your servant's hands,
you are lifted up,
high for all to see,
like so long ago, you were lifted up
upon the cross.
a spectacle meant to shame and kill,
but instead, brought life.

And in your priest's hands,
Glowing like a soft white beacon in the night,
you become our life,
the food for our famished souls,
the drink for our parched spirit
lost for too long in the desert.

O life-giving Master,
who feeds us again and again with his own self,
who waits day in and out
yet Lord of the universe,
to join us in joy
out of pure love.

Deo Gratis!

Susan E. Stone, 2003-2004

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