Thursday, June 15, 2006

Streams of Living Water 

It comes flowing like a stream of living water, clear and bright,
from Your loving hand into my heart,
there,to quench my burning thirst,
a gift unearned but cherished,
Your peace, O Lord.
Peace - that foretaste of heaven,
that touch of the Spirit that can only come from you.
Peace, as special as the touch of mother and child,
peace, like the beauty of a summer's day beneath an indescribably blue sky,
peace, knowing that the God sized hole within my spirit is filled perfectly by your presence.

Amazing, this peace, for even as the world goes mad around me,
and evil is called good, and good is named bad,
I do not panic about what tomorrow brings,
Because You give the me the refuge I need at the foot of your cross,
a home built on the solid rock of Your call, Your touch, Your love,
And even when the darkness comes, and I can see no other way, you are my light.

Once You led me to look deep into the darkness from which no man returns,
and even there, I found You waiting, wrapping Your loving arms around me,
and when I did not know if I would awake, I rested easy in your hands
as my body shivered on that line between life and death.
No fear, for even there, I was covered by the shelter of Your wings.

It is hard to explain how You lead me to these still waters,
even when I feel attacked with doubt and worries and wonders and pain,
But there You are, Lord and Friend,
And in Your peace, may I rest forever.


Susan E. Stone, 2006

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