Saturday, September 27, 2003

Prayer for the right spirit when defending the faith

Forgive us Lord,
when in longing to defend what is right,
when in trying to support the truth
we do what is hurtful and mean,
forgetting to take out
whatever logs are in our own eyes
to take the speck out of the eye of our fellows,
forgetting to work all things in love.

Lord, forgive us
when hurt by our fellow man,
we complain, and strike back.

Heal us Lord,
and give us strength to offer you
our hurts and sadnesses,
to offer you the pain of being corrected,
rather rightly or not.

If it is our job to correct,
help us learn to do it in ways that heal,
not hurt,

And whatever we do in your name,
may we always do it for your glory,
without hate, anger,
or the taint of self-righteousness.

May we learn to be quiet
in our longing and respect for you,
rather than speak words
that would drive any away from you,
or harm those who love you.

And when we speak,
may it always be guided by the Holy Spirit.


Susan E. Stone, 2003


Friday, September 26, 2003

Prayer to Mary Immaculate, Help of Christians

Blessed Mother,
Help of Christians,
Mary most pure,
teach us to see with your eyes,
to act with that love
that comes only from loving and knowing your son,
to be your son's hands on this earth,
to be channels of God's light
in this dark world.

O Immaculata,
O Mother most kind,
pray for us now and at the hour of our deaths,

Susan E. Stone


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