Saturday, February 03, 2007

Open This Day My Heart 

Open this day my heart, O Lord,
And let me see the truth of my being
Those darknesses I hold in my heart,
The hard places I see without seeing.

Throw open the dark and let in your truth,
The saving touch of your light,
Restore me, make me white as wool,
Clean to stand in your sight.

How often it is that I miss the mark,
Fall short of the way you would send me,
My good intentions crumble like dirt,
As I let in the darkness to bend me.

It is only by clinging here to your cross,
That I can find help for my falling,
Only by standing up and facing my wrongs
Can my life answer your calling.

O help me see clearly where I go wrong,
Bring your light into my life.
Strip away all the veils that I wrap me in,
Thy Spirit sharper than any knife.

O Lord of my life, shape me and mold me,
Forgive me my failings this day.
O cleanse me and make me the way that you would
Make me all yours, this I pray.

Susan E. Stone, 2007

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Friday, February 02, 2007

God With Us 

The night seems heavy, and long and so deep,
And I lay there just restless, unable to sleep,
And I lay there in darkness and watch the moonlight
It reminds me, in some way, of another dark night.

Moonlight that night among dark olive trees,
And one lonely Man praying hard, on His knees,
The sin of a world resting hard on His head,
Looking into the darkness that would soon see Him dead.

God With Us, He knelt, feeling the stones on His knees,
And the longing to be somewhere else, if you please,
And the chill of the air as He struggled and prayed,
Feeling so very alone, tired and troubled, afraid.

God With Us, He prays, giving the Father His all,
Working hard that long night there to answer the call,
Just how hard it can be -- O He knows how it feels,
Fast beating heart, taste of bile, head that reels.

God With Us, our Jesus, He tasted our night,
How heavy the dark with the midnight in sight.
But He made the path there that will open the way,
As He steps from the tomb on that glorious day.

God With Us still, Jesus, O Lord of my life,
You walk me through each and all sickness and strife,
Remind me that when the dark feels so deep,
That You are there with me, Your love does not sleep.

Susan E. Stone, 2007

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Meditation on Matthew 11:28-30 

You call me Lord, to come to you,
You tell me in your arms to cast
All my weariness in a life that's hard,
To find the true peace that will last.

Here I hand you all the burden
All the fears that burn within,
Here I give you all my sadness,
A life that's marked with my own sin

In your eyes I see your welcome,
in your touch, I find my rest
healing in the sound of your voice,
In your presence I am blessed.

In your rest, I find my hope.
In your peace, tomorrow's way
and in the joy you whisper in my heart
You are the dawning of my day.

You are the one good thing I need,
And when all other pleasant things fall
Friends turn away, and things wear out,
You will still be there, my all in all.

Susan E. Stone, 2007

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

For Love 

Lost and afraid, I turn to You,
O Lord, King of my heart,
You who walk each step with us,
Near as breath You stand, never apart,
Emmanuel, O God-With-Us,
who knows our grief and pain,
Who gave so much in woe and blood
To free us from our stain.

Today they tell us black is white
And evil things are right,
And sing the praise of midnight sins
and tell me it is light,
But You are there beside me,
I need You more each day,
To guide my steps through all the dirt
They kick across Your way.

How clear it is in this dark clime
that the world is not our home,
We are only pilgrims here,
Our purpose is to roam
Across this dark and painful land
To be lanterns of your light,
O keep us near along our way,
Protect us in this night.

O bring to mind how you were born
To walk this dusty place,
Creator entering into the world,
A caring, loving face,
Your words like fire burned the air
You walked the way to go,
And then You let them take Your life,
Your depths of love to show.

Upon that heavy cross of wood
You proved how deep the care
That Heaven bore for this poor world,
To hang in sorrow there,
To taste our fear down to the dregs,
To know the depths of grief,
Carrying the weight of all our sin,
Killed like some common thief.

And this you did for love alone,
To open wide the way,
O teach me Lord, to love You more,
Each moment of the day.
No matter how the darkness grows,
Help me to stand there true,
And when at last, my eyes I close,
I wake to be with you.

Susan E. Stone, 2007

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Miserare Nobis 

Hear our prayer, this day, O Lord,
And let our cry come unto Thee,
You who walk us through the valley,
You who guide us across the sea,
Hear the wailing of our sorrow,
Each loss felt most bitterly,
Every day reaching up to Heaven --
"Lord, have mercy, mercy on me."

Miserare nobis, always --
How we send this cry to Thee,
Walking past the man in sorrow,
Focusing only on our "me".
Teach us, Lord, to hear your answer,
Give us, Lord, the eyes to see
How to learn to love each other,
Lord, have mercy, hear my plea.

Lord, bring light to cure our blindness,
Open up our hearts to see,
How you gave your life to love us,
Died in pain most miserably,
There to teach us all the lesson
Of how love is God's own key,
Help us strip away the shadows,
Lord have mercy, hear my plea.

Lord, may those of us who love you
Learn how not to turn and flee
When the need cries out for our hands,
When our hearts quake miserably.
Teach us how to walk that hard path
Transformed by Your love's truth to see
How we are the tools in your hand,
There to be Your love's mercy.

Susan E. Stone, 2007

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

On My Knees 

There are times and moments, Lord, like now,
Where the words rush by me, escaping somehow.
What is there for me to say,
When I see the darkness day by day.
On my knees I pray to Thee:
O my Lord, have mercy.

Word by word, and life by life,
The world gone mad with hate and strife,
Those who should be there to show us the way
Have secret sins that they must obey.
On my knees I pray to Thee:
O my Lord, have mercy.

The hardness of heart across the world
like a sword it slashes, like a spear, it's hurled
To pit the one against another,
Over and over Cain slays his brother.
On my knees, I pray to Thee:
O my Lord, have mercy.

Lord, help us stand against this night,
And touch our hearts with Thy pure light.
Help us walk in mercy's way,
Shine with your love, day by day.
On my knees, I pray to Thee:
O my Lord, have mercy.

Teach our hearts, then how to be
Loving followers of Thee,
Knowing how to shed your light,
In this land of sin and night.
On my knees I pray to Thee:
O my Lord, have mercy.

Remind us of Thy mercy-seat,
A cross where Heaven and earth do meet,
You bled and died to open the door,
A flame of Love forever more.
On my knees I pray to Thee:
Thank You, Lord, for Your mercy.

Susan E. Stone, 2007

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