Tuesday, July 12, 2005

In witnessing the bitter ashes of another's sorrow,
in witnessing their loss, frustration, anger,
watching as they rail against the universe you have placed us into,
as they rail against you for having put us here,
as the rail against how others use the name of God
to excuse actions, violence, manipulation,
or how others use you for just a comfortable income,
even if they don't believe,
I see their pain and rejection,
throwing you out as a symbol of evil and persecution,
following into that ancient trap
of making God small so we can be like God
so we can be our own god,
so we can structure the universe we see
in patterns of our own liking
even if they don't match the reality,
or soothe us when the darkness falls,
or transform us into anything
but a hungry, unsatisfied ME.

O Lord,
who breathed upon the waters before history began,
who out of chaos brought into being order,
who has whispered to the prophets,
who has made the truth clear,
who has told us what is the right way to live:
Love justice,
be merciful,
walk humbly,
do that to others we want done to ourselves,
to love you with all we have,
and our neighbor as well as ourselves.
O Lord, who larger than we can remember, chose to come to earth,
to empty yourself,
to be Jesus, whose very name echos salvation,
Emmanuel, God With Us,
who knows what it is like
to taste the dust of the road after a long, thirsty walk,
who knows hunger,
who knows what it is like to lose a parent,
who knows what it is like to see sorrow caused by one's actions,
who knows what it is like to see one's mother grieve beyond grief,
who knows what it is like to have friends,
who knows what it is like to see those friends scatter
who knows what it is like to be bereft, alone,
who knows what it is like to go down to the gates of death,
God who is our companion
in all the aches and miseries and sorrows of life,
sharing, transforming,
sanctifying our lives by joining our lives with yours,
allowing us to see beneath the veil of pain and meaninglessness
how we are on a road that can lead to the light,
the light beckoning from the place where heaven and earth meet
at the cross,
a light to burn away the meaningless dross,
until we stand revealed,
your child.

Forgive us our anger,
our angst,
our struggles,
and teach us to see with your eyes,
to love with your heart,
to walk with your feet
no matter what the cost,
until we are
the people you wish to forge us into.


Susan Stone, 2005


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