Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Lord of Abundance 

Our Lord is the Lord of abundance.
The harvest is plentiful, you see,
like golden heads of ripened wheat
waving as if in a plea,
lives hungry for that which will bring them
the answers to set their hearts free.

Our Lord is the Lord of abundance,
with harvest ready to be brought in,
like fruit hanging heavy on tree boughs,
lives touched with the darkness of sin,
needing only for workers to reach them,
Carrying His love to lead them in.

Our Lord is the Lord of abundant
compassion for you and me,
harried and troubled and weary
being tossed on an angry sea,
He calls for his workers to answer
as He beckons, "Come follow me."

Our Lord is the Lord of abundance.
He beckons us out to the field
To answer the need of the lost ones
He longs to protect and to shield,
The shepherd who gathers the lost sheep,
Our lives are the rod that He wields.

Our Lord is the Lord of Abundance,
Let us give Him our hearts and our hands
and He will direct the harvest
as His love, ever eager, commands.
Filled with His love, He sends us to gather
In joy, may we be tools in His hands.

Susan E. Stone, 2006

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