Saturday, March 04, 2006

Remember Man 


Remember man, that thou are dust,
to dust you shall return
When God shall call your spirit home
to soar with him or burn.
He has told you what is good O man,
what matters most of all --
So choose you wisely while you may
To walk with him or fall.

Some do think when they are young
That what they want is right.
Power, love, or frenzied games,
While they are young and bright.
But like the flowers of the field
That bloom so bright in May
The time will come as days run by
That brightness fades away.

When darkness comes crashing down
and lovers lose their charms,
And power leaves a bitter taste,
Hope crumble in your arms,
O what will fill the aching gap
That burns within your soul?
What can fill your emptiness
And make your spirit whole?

Remember Man, that thou art dust,
But Jesus wore that dust too,
To open wide the doors of grace,
Healing, cleansing and true.
If you listen to his voice,
and follow where he leads you,
Living waters there will quench your thirst
And the Bread of life will feed you.

Listen, Man, he calls you now
To make your wounded life whole.
To heal the pain in your aching heart,
To fill that gap in your soul.
He calls to you with gentle voice
Gives light to show you the way,
Love divine from Heaven's door
To fill your heart today.


Susan E. Stone, 2006

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Friday, March 03, 2006

Prayer for Mercy 

O Jesus,
You who are our mercy,
look upon us, Lord,
and salve all the hurts this day that need healing,
those whose lives are shattered by unrepentant sin,
those whose lives are shattered by the sins of others,
those whose lives are shattered by events beyond their control.

O Lord,
You know the truth of
all the griefs that need mourning,
all the anger that needs calming,
all the violence that needs your peace.

As your touch in life healed the blind,
may your touch open our eyes to the message you give us,
to the truth of your love.

Have mercy on us,
and may each of us who call you Master
be channels of your mercy,
this day and always,

Susan E. Stone, 2006

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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Lamb of God 

The moon was bright above the trees
The shadows dark beneath the leaves,
The night you fell down on your knees
To pray in grief alone.

Jesus, Lamb of God
Jesus, Lamb of God
Jesus, Lamb of God
Jesus, Lamb of God

The night was dark like lost man's sin,
The grief you bore, their pain within,
You cried out "Not my will, " and then
Salvation's time was born.

The time had come to walk that way
Of sorrow, pain and and sad dismay
And in your death to take away
Man's destiny to die.

They nailed you bloody to the tree,
And you forgave in agony,
And by your death, you set us free,
My Savior and my God.

My Light, my Lord, my God on high,
Amazed at Heaven's love, I sigh,
That you for me would choose to die
To bring me home at last.

to the tune of the Christ Child Lullaby - tune and original song here:

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Monday, February 27, 2006

In Innocence They Wait 

In innocence, they wait,
Snuggled deep in the warm comfortable darkness
Of the one who should love them like no other human,
Conceived in a moment of unthinking passion,
Unplanned for, undesired,
Two hundred and fifty lives out of the thousand,
Children who could shape the future,
Heros who could save the day,
Lives that would make a difference
Snuffed out,
Their beginning an end.

In innocence, they wait,
Not realizing what they are in the eyes of others -
A crisis for the man who would not be a father,
A problem to be solved for one who has no time to mother
A sudden panic in the life of a child too young for the games she has been playing.

In innocence, they wait,
Seranaded by the beating of a heart turned against them,
Of the decision made that hides the the truth of who they really are,
Their small lives too short for words to begin to give them voice -
There will be no screams when the shattering moment arrives
When their dark, pleasant shelter becomes a death trap beneath white antiseptic lights
And cruel hands, ignoring the fear and pain that overwhelms them,
Pull them into that other dark from which there is no return,

Innocence dies,
But the pain, though, echos on,
In the battered heart of one who chose wrong.

Kyrie eleison.

Susan E. Stone, 2006

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