Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Morning Offering

Dear Lord,
On this day,
and every day,
I offer you my heart,
Hide it in your own sacred heart.

I offer my thoughts,
may they be centered in you,
thinking of you,
thinking like you.

I offer you my fears,
for you are the refuge from fear,
the rock against the storm.

I offer you my hopes,
for you are the source of all hope.

I offer you my pride;
it is more than I want or know how to use.

I offer you my sorrow,
for you are the source of all consolations.

I offer you my pain,
for you give dignity to pain
by your sacrifice for all of us.

I offer you my feet,
may they walk only in the paths you choose.

I offer you my hands
may they be busy at your work.

I offer you my lips,
may they only speak in love,
never in hurt,
for your glory,
today and every day.


Susan E. Stone


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