Saturday, November 11, 2006

In Your Tears 

In your tears, O grieving Mother,
What a world of sorrow shimmers,
While the rot of hate now simmers
As they vie with one another
To add shame to the weight he bears.

In your tears, O grieving Mother,
Echoes all the weight of sin
Pain and anguish entered in
Since Eva listened to another
And the world grew rife with tares.

In your tears, O grieving Mother,
Witness to a great God's gift
Of how he chose to heal the rift
Sacrificing for all others
Lamb of God, the cross now bears.

In your tears, O grieving Mother
I see the sorrow veil your face
As you penetrate that place
Your greatest yes to give the Father,
The pain of your son's death you bear.

Let me grieve with you, my Mother,
As you sit in sorrow deep,
God pierce my heart that I might weep
For the sins of self and brother
That lead you to such pain and care.

Susan E. Stone, 2006

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The darkness seems so deep, my Lord,
And the way seems hard to find,
The rocks' sharp edges cut my feet.
As I grope forward, nearly blind.
And yet your light burns in my heart,
and that alone can ease my mind.

The light you give is my one true guide
As I wander across the land
Your love's the strength that carries me on
Through the rock and burning sand
My manna in the wilderness
Comes from your loving hand.

And when I meet another soul
Fed with your loving light
The darkness seems less heavy,
Less solemn is the night,
O may I spread the light you give
to make this lost gloom bright.

Like lanterns in the midnight, Lord,
Each soul that looks to you,
To bring the touch of heaven's light
to a world of loss and rue,
O may our witness light the night
to show your love is true.

O Light of Heaven, bring the day
When midnight fades to light,
And shadows flee and disappear
Beneath your loving sight.
And dawn breaks through the sin-sick sky
all brokenness made right.

Susan E. Stone, 2006


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