Thursday, September 11, 2003

Prayer on the Second Anniversary of 9-11

This day, O Lord,
we remember all those
who died almost before our eyes,
in the fire and dust and incomprehensible collapse,
victims of hate.

We pray for all those touched
by that evil,
the lives that were snuffed out,
the families who were shattered,
those angry enough to plan such actions
in your name.

And also Lord,
we commend to you
the many whose stories we will never know,
those marked by evil,
by pain and loss and sorrow and hate,
scarred by war and abuse
and others' indifference.
Keep them close to you
on this day
that is a monument
to man's inhumanity to man.

Forgive us our failure
to be peacemakers,
and help us to see why
it is necessary for us
to be light
and salt,
carriers of your peace
in this dark world,
to be your hands,
binding wounds,
uplifting our brothers.

Lord, heal the wounds in our own hearts,
scarred from that day
and let us see,
that even in the deepest darkness,
you are there
holding us close.

Susan E. Stone © 2003

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Wednesday, September 10, 2003

On Malice 

O Lord,
remember this day
all those whose lives are touched by the tragedy
of human malice,
from the angry word spoken in haste,
the blow of an angry hand,
the pain caused by retribution
the bomb exploded.

O Lord,
let us always be aware
of the ripples caused by our harsh words,
our anger,
our willingness to act out of hurt,
and instead,
teach us to be instruments of your peace,
to heal instead of hurt,
to calm instead of agitate,
to love instead of hate.

Susan Stone

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