Friday, April 01, 2005

O Lady in White,
who lighted on the little bush
in a cloud of light,
Our Lady of the Rosary,
knowing such things were to come,
this man,
not yet born
as you talked with the children
of penance
and sacrifice,
knowing what a dark century
it was likely to be,
and yet,
you showed us the way of hope
your son had to offer.

O Lady in White,
who showed your hand
as the assassin lay in wait,
who drew this man's eye,
and his posture changed
slightly, enough not to die,
as he struggled to see you,
as the bullet flashed,
Totus Tuus, he had offered
out of pure love,
and climbing the peak
to be God's witness against the godlessness
of the darkness,
you were there to help him through.

Now tonight,
O Lady in White,
hold him close in your arms,
as the end of an era draws close,
this man who labored so hard for your son,
giving his all,
so tht even on the day of his death
he would instruct us how to live.
Take his hand, O Lady of the Rosary,
and bring him at last
to see the fruit of thy womb Jesus
in all his glory.


Susan E. Stone 2005

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