Friday, March 09, 2007

At Your Cross 

Let me fly unto you, O Lord of my life
When the darkness is heavy with sorrow and strife,
Your light will cut through the dark like a knife,
O Lord, let me fly to your cross!

Let me hear your soft voice in my heart in the night,
O Lord, let it buoy me on the the light
Wherever I go, let me keep you in sight,
O Lord, keep me close to your cross!

A tool made for torture becomes love's bright shield
Transforming the weak into God's own ripe field,
Redeeming my soul if I answer and yield,
O Lord, through the gift of your cross!

Let me think of you often by night or by day,
Of that horrid hard Friday where Love had its way,
O fill my heart ever so that I long to say,
O Lord, keep me here at your cross!

Susan E. Stone, 2007

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In a world that swirls with anger, Lord,
teach me to love.
In a world that sees attack as a right and a joy,
teach me to cherish breaking the chains of hate.
In a world that seeks conformity in the name of tolerance,
teach me the patience to stand firm in peace.
In a world that seeks to strike out and hurt what it doesn't agree with,
teach me to follow in your footsteps,
in your way,
following your light,
touched by your love,
this day, and always.


Susan E. Stone

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In My Weakness 

Today, Lord,
how small and weak I seem,
lost in my petty griefs and pains,

O Lord,
refresh my heart
in the knowledge
that no matter how gray the world feels,
you are with me.

Remind me it is not my strength that matters,
but the firm hand you steady me with,
the strength you have
to use my weakness as your tool.

Touch me with that certainty
that it is not my joy that counts,
but the joy you whisper into my heart.

In my weakness, let me be your tool,
this day and always,

Susan E. Stone, 2007

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Monday, March 05, 2007

In Your Heart 

In Your heart, O Lord, hide me!
Here in the darkness
where the cold winds do blow,
I have no other shelter,
No safe place to go.
You call me to come
In words soft and low,
In Your heart, O Lord, hide me!

In Your heart, O Lord, transform me!
For my heart is hard
from sin and pain,
like a land of drought
longing for rain,
O mold me, remake me,
be my only true gain --
In Your heart, O Lord, transform me!

In Your heart, O Lord, keep me!
For I wander lost
far away from your light,
Too often in darkness,
living in night,
But Your love, my Lord,
can restore my sight --
In Your heart, O Lord, keep me!

Let Your heart, O Lord, be my home!
Let me stay in your heart
By night and by day,
And find my true peace,
My hope and my way,
In midnight or storm,
in Your heart, let me lay --
Let Your heart, O Lord, be my home!

Susan E. Stone, 2007

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Children of Your Mercy 

O Lord,
Forgive us our determination
to make our wants,
our needs,
our longs
to be the word that you ask of us
instead of listening to the word
you speak into our hearts,
how to live as children of your light,
children who forgive,
who love,
who stand as your peacemakers.

Forgive us, Lord,
of all the times
we have used you, like a club,
to beat our enemies,
to force our way,
to wallow in self-righteousness
that is not built on your righteousness,
but our need to control.

Touch our hearts, O Lord,
help us see,
help us know,
help us walk as children of Your mercy,
this day, and always,

Susan E. Stone, 2007

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