Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Melody 

From You, O Lord, comes the melody
that gives each life a meaning,
a song sung soft, sometimes fleeting,
part of the larger chorus.

Each voice a precious music part
In Your vast melodic creation,
Our lives a training for our station
To learn to hold the truer note.

We may take that tune to heart,
And let our life be joyful counterpoint,
or sadly, make dissonance out of joint
with the movement You are playing.

O Music Master beyond compare,
I long to join my song to Thine,
O teach me well to sing my line
in the melody of my heart.

And when untrue notes fall in my song
help me learn the truer course,
not croak or sing my part weak or hoarse,
but just the way You would have it.

And when my practice time is done,
And when the curtain falls at last,
may I join that song group vast
Who swell the celestial chorus.

Glory to the Lamb on high,
may I sing in cheerful tone,
my part then perfect before your throne
to echo through all time and space.

Susan E. Stone, 2006


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