Saturday, February 19, 2005

Prayer for one returning to the faith

O Lord,
it is with grateful heart
that I remember the story
about the prodigal son,
and the loving father
who wept for joy
who watched hopefully
never giving up
until the lost one's return.

Teach me, Lord,
to be strong with that memory,
to know that others too
seek to return,
seek to learn,
seek your love.

O Lord,
let me fill that empty hollow
that comes from being separated from you,
from your sacraments,
from your loving touch,
from your church,
with your own true self.

Thank you Lord,
for waiting,
for watching,
for calling us home
as Catholics
to the light of your love.


Susan E. Stone


This day,
teach us the patience
that you have for us,
the willing waiting
that gives the prodigal
chance to return,
that sees the pain
in the faithful son's heart,
that weeps with the mournful
and celebrates with the happy.


Susan E. Stone, 2005


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