Saturday, October 04, 2003

Prayer to learn to love those we find hard to love

give us the grace to remember
that to love our own is an easy thing,
for as you said, even sinners do this.

Help us to love those who aren't one of ours,
who aren't lovable,
and who need your help so badly.

Open our hearts that we may always respond to them!

Thus, may we spread
your light of love
hroughout the dark of life.


Susan E. Stone, 2003


Sunday, September 28, 2003

A Prayer for Victims, Both Theirs and Mine

Let us pray
For all those victims
of injustice
and anger
and selfishness.

For all those babies never to be born,
for all those killed through violence,
for all those touched by terrorism,
for all those scarred by the anger of a loved one,
for all those marred by war,
for all those who die marked by our indiference,
Lord hear our prayer.

Forgive me, O Lord,
For all those times
I turned my back on someone I knew was in need,
for all those times
I hesitated because of my inconvenience,
for all the times
I did not cry out when I knew there was injustice,
for all those times
I didn't think to share,
For all the times
I said the word I knew would hurt,
for all those times
I didn't write the letter or make the visit,
for all those times
I had to prove I was right even though it hurt someone,
for all those times
I marked someone by my own indifference,
my own selfishness,
my own anger.

O my Jesus,
help me to always see you
in whatever distressing garb you choose to wear,
and let me realize
that by turning my back on them,
I am turning my back on you
and making the world a darker place
instead of a place filled with your light.

Susan E. Stone, © 2003

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