Friday, April 16, 2004

Let us pray this day
for those who have seen their lives torn apart
by the evil of others
who attack groups, whether innocent or not.

Let us pray this day
for those who have such frustration
that they see all of a group as the enemy.

Let us pray this day
for those who struggle with hunger and want
so that others may live prosperous lives.

Let us pray this day
for those who feel their prosperity is so important
that it doesn't matter if others suffer
so that they might live well.

Let us pray today for those who are abused
by friends, family and dear ones,
lives marred, trust shattered, scarred hearts.

Let us pray today for those who would abuse
those who are their friends, family and dear ones,
who think nothing of the marring they cause.

O Lord,
in this sad world,
in ways sometimes we don't even fathom,
we are caught up in webs of destruction
woven by sin.
None of us should throw the first stone,
none of us should be surprised to hear you say,
"Go and sin no more."

O Lord,
be thou our healer,
and help us to be channels
for your healing touch,
now and always.


Susan E. Stone, 2004

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Let Me Come

Let me come
into your presence, Lord,
the only safe refuge
in a world of swirling waters,
filled with sorrow, hate, pain.

Be Thou the rock
I build my house upon,
the firm foundation
that can weather any storm.

Be Thou my strength,
the power that lets me do
the work you put in front of me,
my enabler.

Be Thou my eyes,
that I can see with your love
instead of with my pettiness,
bias, fear.

Be Thou my voice,
to say the words of healing
to say the words of love,
to say the words of blessing
you would have me speak.

Be Thou my heart,
so that I can love you
with the fervour you deserve,
with the purity that only comes through you,
this day,
and always,

Sue Stone

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

This day, O Lord,
help me to bear the discomforts and
frustrations that come my way
without all the whining
and complaining,
and passing along my miseries
that come so easy to me
when I feel pain
and nervousness
and anxiety.

Gift me, O Lord
with grace,
and patience
and the ability, not just the desire
to be longsuffering
for your glory.

But above all,
be with me always,
and hold my hand each step of the way,
for without you there,
I will surely fall.


Susan E. Stone, 2004

Monday, April 12, 2004

Mother of Sorrows, Rejoice

Mother of Sorrows, rejoice!
For he for whom you weep
has arisen from the tomb
and walks forth into the light,

The dawn brings hope
where all seemed darkest night,
for your son
has left his shroud behind,
and walked forth into the light,

He, the first-fruits
of our loving Father's mercy,
he who suffered so that we might live
has defeated death
and left his tomb behind,
he who bore our sins
has returned from the darkness
and walks forth, he who is the light,

Mother of Sorrows, rejoice!
for your Son who you laid in the tomb
who gave his life so that we might live,
has arisen like the sunrise of God's mercy,
the light of God's love,

Susan E. Stone, 2004

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