Friday, February 25, 2005

Passion of my Lord,
strengthen me,
so weak and ready to sin,
may memory of each drop of blood spilled
pour into my heart
like a beacon of love
to pull me back
into the way
of my Lord.

O Jesus!
Bring to mind
each labored, pain-filled breath,
each step towards Golgotha,
each blow,
each word of mocking,
each glance at your loved ones,
each moment of darkness,
undertaken for love,
for hope,
for life.

In my weakness,
bring me here,
to the foot of your cross,
where I,
with the Magdeline,
will weep bitter tears,
where I,
with your Mother,
will watch with breaking heart,
where I,
with John,
shall stand witness to the wonder
Of God, emptying himself out for love,
that we might live.

When I feel so weak,
and mortal,
and lost,
and alone,
O Passion of Christ,
strengthen me,
that I might always know
the truth,
and in knowing,
be transformed,
in the heart of Christ.

Susan E. Stone, 2005


O Mother of Mercy,
when we lay there,
hold our hands,
pray for us,
remind us how much your son loves us,
be our mother.

O Mother of Mercy,
you who know how hard it is
to stand by
while your beloved one suffers,
have mercy on those of us
who watch and wait,
hold our hands,
pray for us,
remind us how much your son loves us,
be our mother.

O Mother of Mercy,
may your example
of loving,
of saying yes to God,
of giving whatever was asked
teach us to be like you,
touched by that grace which is the gift of God,
looking always
to do whatever he tells us to,
this day, and always.

Susan E. Stone, 2005

Thursday, February 24, 2005

O Lord,
There comes a time
when standing and waiting and praying
our hearts grow weak,
our knees faint
as we wait for news
for our loved ones,
our dear ones,
the ones we look up to,

O Lord,
be there with us,
as we stand and watch.
Fill our tongues with the right words
to strengthen,
to pray,
and remind us
that you are in control,
and there will be healing,
here on earth,
or further down the road,
if we are but open to it.

Be with those
whose loved ones are in danger today,
be with those
who wait for the news,
be with those
whose hands do the work of healing.

Keep us always mindful
of how near you are,
even when things seem dark.


Susan E. Stone, 2005

You are our healer
and our hope,
you ask us to bear our cross,
then help us struggle beneath its weight.

You ask us to be merciful,
and, if we are open to you,
fill our hearts with mercy.

You ask us to be the one
others can practice their mercy on,
and if we are open,
you fill us with your patience
and strength
and love
to lay there, ill,
in need of mercy.

Today, O Lord,
be with all those who are ill,
with pain of body,
with sorrow of mind,
with loss,
aching in their hearts,

Help all of us
who call you Lord
to answer that call
to be your hands,
to be the tool of your mercy,
to be the lips to say your words
to those in pain,
to be the good Samaritans,
to bind the wounds.

Hold us all in your hands, O Lord,
and at the end,
bring us safely home to be with you.


Susan E. Stone, 2005


Wednesday, February 23, 2005

O Lord,
we are such little things
in the broad reaches of the universe,
thinking we are great
because we make things,
or control things,
or build things,
but instead,
we are specks
here only by your grace,
sustained only by your love,
longing to be the creator.

Teach us, O Lord,
to build the things
you would have us build,
Shelter for those who need,
hope for those in despair,
peace for those who are weary,
building through your help,
by your power,
with your love.

Remind us, Lord, always,
that he who builds without you at his side
builds in vain,
and that when the work we do
separate from your will
turns to ash,
help us find you,
the true Builder,
so we may learn
to build that
which will last for all time.


Susan E. Stone, 2005

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